When does the tour run?

Every Saturday and Sunday from 10-12pm. If you’d like to schedule a tour outside of those times, please contact us and we can see what we can arrange.

Where does the tour go?

The tour starts in Wicker Park near the Damen Blue line station. We then walk through some back alleys, along the 606, up Milwaukee Avenue and end in Logan Square at Galerie F.

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable walking shoes are a must. The tour is outside, so please dress according to the weather. You’ll probably want a good camera to take pictures of or with the artwork. You may also want to bring some water or coffee to stay hydrated. Alcohol, smoking, vaping or other products that detract from other patrons enjoyment are not allowed.

Is the tour outside the entire time?

Yes. As this tour is a street art tour, we will be outside for the majority of the tour with the exception for the stops we have along the way at various coffee shops for a bathroom break.

How Long is the tour?

The tour takes about 2 hours and we’ll walk about 2 miles total.

Is there a bathroom along the route?

Yes. The tour stops at a few places along the route. We begin the tour at Fairgrounds Coffee, where there is a restroom. After about 30-45 minutes, we stop at Ipsento 606, which also has a restroom. We end the tour at Galerie F, where there are numerous bars and restaurants nearby. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants along the route, in case you need to make a stop on your own.

Who is the tour meant for?

If you enjoy art, murals, street art or appreciate getting to know a city and the neighborhoods within it, this is the tour for you.

Do the murals or the route ever change?

Definitely. This is a living gallery. A mural may be on the tour one day and may be gone the next day. We do not control the artists and we do not control the city departments. We are simply observers and educators trying to share our passion for Chicago’s street art scene with those that are interested.

What if I don’t enjoy the tour?

We want to make sure everyone enjoys the tour, but for whatever reason you do not just reach out to us at info@offbeatstreetarttour.com and we’ll absolutely make it right. Just contact us if you need anything or we can make your experience more enjoyable.