About Offbeat

Started in 2018, the Offbeat Street Art Tour is the only tour in Chicago focused solely on Chicago’s street art scene. The concept came about after we visited Buenos Aires in 2012 and took a similar tour highlighting the street art and mural scene in Buenos Aires. The art scene there is so vibrant, exciting, and celebrated - we wondered why the same thing couldn’t happen in Chicago. Hence, the Offbeat Street Art Tour was born.

The Offbeat Street Art Tour is meant to help elevate and celebrate Chicago’s street art scene which historically has lived in a grey area between being legal and illegal at the same time. Often celebrated and shunned in the same sentence, it can often be unclear which installations are commissioned, legal, or simply put up on a whim. Art can appear and disappear overnight, depending on which city departments are involved.

Our goal is to help educate those who appreciate the overlooked, under-appreciated, or misunderstood. We hope you can join us soon!