Celebrating Chicago’s Street Art Scene:
One Neighborhood at a Time


Chicago is home to some of the best artists in the world. But it’s not all just Picasso and Calder. There are many artists that create art right before your eyes, but you may never notice it. That’s where the Offbeat Street Art Tour comes in. We celebrate the art that sits right under your nose, behind a building, or just around the corner and educate you about the people behind the art and their influences. We turn the city into a living gallery.

Join us as we tour Chicago’s art scene that’s just a little Offbeat.

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About Us

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Each tour is totally unique and different. You are walking through a living canvas. Don’t miss out!


Giving Back to our Community

The Offbeat Street Art Tour helps give back to the Logan Square Art Community.

A portion of each ticket sale goes back to
Voice of the City: a multi-arts alliance building community through making art and teaching art.